Eat IN BED dumplings with bourbon caramel sauce

Eat IN BED dumplings with bourbon caramel sauce


I was recently featured on INBED journal with an old favourite family recipe of mine, one that still warms my belly when made. You can read the full article written by Elisha Kennedy and photos by my beautiful friend Bobby Tide at

I have the fondest memory of my mum making my brother and I golden syrup dumplings for desserts after a family dinner, it’s one of my family’s favourite's! “Still to this day my brother and I will ask for it, it seems to be the perfect dessert to have after a Sunday roast!”

The recipe is such an easy, simple one. I have changed mum’s recipe over the years and added some bourbon to the sauce which gives it a nice rich flavour. My brother loves his whiskey and bourbon so I like to think that I made it with him in mind.”

You could make this recipe easily with a cheap bourbon but I asked my brother to pick his favourite bourbon, he has very good taste in liquor so I knew that it would be a fine bottle! His choice for this lot of sweet dumplings was Hudson Baby Bourbon, it’s a really nice drop.


Flaming the bourbon sauce


The making of a dumpling.


Ps. A little dumpling tip, don't roll them too big they expand in the sauce, i say about the size of a twenty cent piece. 

Enjoy the recipe! 

Figgy XO









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